Our concept

For those who arent so familiar with the concept of norway fishing vacations it is quite simple and cheap compared to other fishing vacations over the world. We rent out boats and double rooms. Since the boats are quite expensive and equiped with top class electronics, we need to get a certain amount of money to rent them out no matter if your group are two, three or four people. The price is therefor always thesame for our packages with two double rooms for up to four people. Luckily there is no problem being four people in our boats. They are 7,3 meters long, really wide, roomy and extremely stable. Youre also getting access to filéy room, drying room, large freezers, kitchen, dining area and a big lounging area.


Our offer

The price for boat rental and housing is 24000-27000 NOK. That is for seven nights and 6 days of fishing for up to four people. If you are a group of four that means 6000-6750 NOK per person for one week. Please send an email to for more information or to book your trip!



Most people arent comfortable driving our big boats by themselves. Or dont feel they would get so much out of the vacation going out on their own trying to find fish they have never fished for in a sea they have never fished in. We do of course provide guides for an additional cost to make sure you feel safe and make the most out of your trip. If you want a guide for one day, we try to give you as much information as we can about driving and optimizing your fishing. If you want to hire a guide for the whole week you will be fishing with an experienced person who does this for a living in the richest ocean in the world. Fishing is fishing, but those odds are quite nice. The cost for a guide is 3,000 NOK per day or 15,000 NOK per week (6 days of fishing. That price is of course per boat, not per person.



We do not provide flights unfortunatily. We would advice you to book through one of the big companys like SAS and your final destination on the island is Hasvik Airport (HAA). It should take roughly 4 hours from Oslo or 6 hours from Stockholm or London for example. Please contact us regarding flight booking and we will help you out with advice.