Pricing and booking

Our concept

If your not familiar with the Norway fishing concept, it is quite simple and cheap compared to other fishing vacations around the world. We are renting out boats and have three different housing options that you can read about here: Camp Halibut housing options. Since the boats are very expensive and equipped with top class electronics they are cost a lot for us to run. We must charge a certain amount of money no matter if you are two, three or four people fishing. The total amount is bound to stay the same. Luckily there is no problem being four people in our boats. They are 7,3m long, wide and very stable. We are offering packages of boat rental and housing for up to four people. You will of course have access to filét room, dry room and freezers when you rent a boat and housing at our camp.


Our offer


Arronet 23,5 SPT 2

We have brand new boats from Arronet. It is their updated version 23,5 SPT 2 with 200hp Yamaha. The difference is incredible and the Norwegian sea will never feel as tough again. When we open for the 2024 season all of our boats will be less than a year old. That means you can count on the highest possible comfort at sea and an operational reliability of the boats that you wont find at many camps. A new engine does not use as much gass either.

These boats are booked in packages with housing and the price is the following:

30,000 NOK – Arronet 23,5 SPT 2 and two double bedrooms (7,500 NOK per person if you are four people).

34,000 NOK – Arronet 23,5 SPT 2 with a seperate apartment (8,500 NOK per person if you are four people).

40,000 NOK – Arronet 23,5 SPT 2 with seperate 85 square meter house with four bedrooms (10,000 NOK per person if you are four people).

Read more about the housing options here: Camp Halibut housing options

Please send an email for additional info or to book your trip



If you dont feel comfortable driving our boats on your own or if you want to optimize your fishing you can of course hire a guide. We will help you get going with driving the boat and start catching fish. During a guided day we will try to teach you what you need to know about the boats and how to succeed with your fishing. 

A guide is 4,500 NOK extra per day or 24,000 NOK extra for the week (6 days of fishing). That price is of course per boat and not per person. If you book a full week with a guide all equipment is included. This means you dont have to bring anything but your own clothes and boots unless you want to. 

Just to give you an example we can mension that 7/7 fish over 100kg caught in may 2023 were with a guide. Less than 25% of the fishing was with a guide in the boat. That says something about how it affects your chances of a successful trip. We can only do so much for you on shore. Bring us along in the boat and we will work our magic.


We have invested in a new guideboat for the 2024 season. It is a monster and it will give us a lot more days on the best fishing grounds. To go out with a Camp Halibut guide in this boat is to give yourself the best possible chans to experience the fishing of your dreams and get an unforgettable vacation. Our goal, which we really intend to reach, is that this boat will catch the most 30kg+ cod and 200cm+ halibut out of all tourist boats in Norway year after year to come. If you think that sounds unreasonable you can go and read our facebook reports from the last years. If you want to read more about the guideboat you can do that here: Camp Halibut guideboat

We do not intend to make money from this boat. We buy it to improve our own work environment when the weather is a little rough. It will be our most lethal weapon in our mission to give our guests the best possible experience. 

The price is ridiculous for this kind of boat. 8000 NOK for the whole week or 2500 NOK a day. That is of course in addition to a boat rental and housing package and the cost for the guide.



We do not provide flights. We simply do not have the administration needed for that. Our advice is that you book your flights with one of the bigger airlines like SAS. The price will be a few hundred NOK higher than the cheap booking sites but you will have a lot better service if something happens on your trip. Your end destination is Hasvik airport (HAA) on Sørøya 35 minutes from the camp. The flights should take around four hours from Oslo or six hours from London for example. Please contact us if you have any problems and we will try to help you out as much as we can.



20% of the total amount is payed by invoice and bank transfer at the time of booking. The full amount is payed 90 days upon arrival. We do not handle cash at the camp. We have a card reader at the camp and you can pay everything from the shop, gass and other things by card at the end of your stay.


Other prices

Gass is usually around 7,000-15,000 NOK per boat and week depending on how much you drive. You fill the boat with cans at the camp which we are filling at the pump for you. We dont charge you more than around 1 NOK extra to cover our own costs. It is pure customer service.

Airport transfer both ways is 1600 NOK. That includes an additional trip to the shop.

Rental equipment (Rod, reel, braid) is 900 NOK per person per week. 

Rental flotation suit is 600 NOK per person per week.



You can see available weeks for the 2024 and 2025 season below. This is accurate 23.03.24. The booking situation changes daily and is not live updated. Therefor we cannot guarantee that you can book a trip even if the slot is green. But we try to keep it as updated as possible. If you have any questions you can contact us on or call us on +46 720478719.