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If you want to have the best chance of catching a really big fish we recommend hiring a guide. We really try to give you as much useful information as we can to help you out with your fishing, but it is so much easier to help you when we come along in the boat. Remember that this is what we do for a living and the details and small decisions based on how it feels that day are crucial for success. That feeling can unfortunatily not be tought in a week. Make sure to book a guide as early as possible to make sure you dont miss out.

Since all the guides at Camp Halibut have a brain damage that makes us crave giant fish, we do not have a time limit on our guidings. If it feels like a big fish can bite its not going to be the guide that ends the session unless its getting dark or the weather changes. It is very rarely a guest that feel like we did not give 100% to make them catch their dream fish. After eight hours of fishing the guide has completed his task. He is still completely liable for the safety, boat driving and the guests fishing. He drives the boat, ties the knots etc. But he is free to fish himself if he wants to. This is to make sure no guide ever wants to cut a session short if he feel like there is a reasonable chance of a fish of a lifetime.

If we go on a long trip to the best spots and it is a good day, we fish a proper session. Sometimes (usually in may) that can mean 15-24 hours if the giants are showing and everything feels right. If there is heavy wind, constant heavy rain and we are blanking in the fjord because we can not fish properly we might cut the session after five hours or so. But if you book a week with a guide you are going to fish well over 10 hours a day on average. As long as the weather is not too extreme.

We have chosen to cut the price on guided trips as much as we can. We want happy customers and big fish for the marketing. It is very important that we are out on the sea helping our guests as much as possible. Considering the amount of knowlage and devotion you pay for at Camp Halibut the prices are very affordable.

Guiding one day – 4500 NOK

Guiding whole week (6 days) – 24000 NOK

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